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Who Are We?

3E Partners is an experienced, premier agency in engaging,educating, and providing enrollment solutions throughout the region.

The world of insurance is constantly changing and hard to grasp if you don’t have the expertise to wade through offerings, paperwork, and benefits information. 3E Partners has invested 10 years (and counting) into providing effective worksite solutions for businesses throughout the region. All of our team members come from successful backgrounds, and bring with them strong relationships with insurance carriers and web service providers to offer you the best possible programs & services to fit your needs. Our experience is vast, and our expertise is unparalleled. 3E believes in streamlining the entire process of business operations, including:

  • Benefits
  • Technology Services
  • Enrollment Strategies
  • Tax Savings Programs

What does that mean for you?



Engagement is the tip of the spear at 3E. We have proven that Employees and Employers that are engaged with their benefits produce better results for their company, and community.



We believe Education is the backbone of good decisions. We educate Employees and Employers to make better choices for their business and personal health.



Enrollments can be a pain for both Employers and Employees. At 3E Partners we strive to achieve the most effective and timely enrollment process, regardless of the product sold.

The Three E's

3E stands for more than just a name. It is the foundation of our values. Engagement, Education, and Enrollment

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Save your time and money by using our enhanced solutions.

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